Create nested list for a workflow block

workflow(name = NULL, on = "push", jobs = NULL)



[character(1)] giving the name of the workflow. Defaults to NULL, for no name, in which case GitHub will use the file name.


[character()] giving the GitHub Event on which to trigger the workflow. Must be a subset of ghactions_events. Defaults to "push", in which case the workflow is triggered on every push event. Can also be a named list as returned by on() for additional filters.


[list()] giving a named list of jobs, with each list element as returned by job().

See also

Other syntax: container(), gh_matrix(), ghactions_events, ghactions_vms, job(), on(), step(), strategy()


workflow( name = "Render", on = "push", jobs = NULL )
#> $name #> [1] "Render" #> #> $on #> [1] "push" #>