Create nested list for one job

  name = NULL,
  id = NULL,
  `if` = NULL,
  uses = NULL,
  run = NULL,
  shell = NULL,
  with = NULL,
  env = NULL,
  `working-directory` = NULL,
  `continue-on-error` = NULL,
  `timeout-minutes` = NULL


id, if, name, uses, shell

[character(1)] giving additional options for the step. Multiline strings are not supported. Defaults to NULL.


[character()] giving commands to run. Will be turned into a multiline string. Defaults to NULL.

with, env

[list()] giving a named list of additional parameters. Defaults to NULL.


[character(1)] giving the default working directory. Defaults to NULL.


[logical(1)] giving whether to allow a job to pass when this step fails. Defaults to NULL.


[integer(1)] giving the maximum number of minutes to run the step before killing the process. Defaults to NULL.

See also

Other syntax: container(), gh_matrix(), ghactions_events, ghactions_vms, job(), on(), strategy(), workflow()