GitHub Actions are a new workflow automation feature of the popular code repository host GitHub.

This package helps R users get started quickly with GitHub Actions:

  1. It provides workflow templates for common R projects (packages, RMarkdown, …) with sensible defaults.
  2. It wraps and curates relevant existing external actions, such as those to deploy to GitHub Pages or Netlify.
  3. It exposes the GitHub Actions workflow syntax and lets you write GitHub Actions *.ymls from R. (Which isn’t saying that should be doing that.)


To install, run:


Because you’re likely only to ever use it once, you need not take on ghactions as a dependency in your projects.

Quick Start

GitHub actions just requires a special file in a special directory at the root of your repository to work: .github/workflows/main.yml.

To quickly set up such a file for frequently used project kinds, run:

ghactions::use_ghactions(workflow = ghactions::website())

See the documentation for implied defaults and alternatives.

Then push to GitHub and go to the actions tab in your repository.