The Portfolio Effect of Redistribution in Laboratory Experiments (HWK Study Group)

Presentation of work with Jan Lorenz at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg Study Group on the Dynamics of Collective Decisions.

The Portfolio Effect of Redistribution in Laboratory Experiments (Herrenhausen Conference)

Give and Take – How Citizens Would Think About Taxation if They Could (SSHA 2015)

My work was awarded a travel stipend by the History and Politics of Public Finance network, including participation at the annual graduate student workshop on fiscal sociology. Everyone pays taxes, and taxation affords us citizens some democratic control over the mixed economy, yet we often poorly understand it. Reasoning with one another may strengthen our democracy, but little is known how such a deliberative ideal fares on abstract policy or how deliberative quality might be measured.

The Portfolio Effect of Redistribution in Laboratory Experiments (SSHA 2015)

Give and Take – How Citizens Would Think About Taxation if They Could (I4S 2015)

I'm Sorry Dave, I'm Afraid I Can Do That Better

While in service to abductive interpretation, Q methodology also requires and produces a lot of data. On both the input and output side, additional functions to the qmethod package for the R statistical language (Zabala 2014) can help to strengthen rigor and holism in Q studies. As an input, Q methodology takes a sample (Q-set) from a wider body of statements on a given topic (concourse), both of which usually require careful sourcing, repeated editing and cooperation with other researchers.

The Perfect Tax That Never Happened? – Misunderstanding Taxation

Lessons from the First CiviCon Citizen Conference on Taxation

You Can't Run on One Leg – Negative Integration in the EU as a Dysfunctional Mixed Economy

“The Secretary, after mature reflection on this point, entertains a full conviction, that an assumption of the debts of the particular states by the union, and a like provision for them, as for those of the union, will be a measure of sound policy and substantial justice.” – Alexander Hamilton, first US treasury secretary, 14 January 1790 Welfare states are best understood as mixed economies, where free market exchange is supplemented by planned state command in the service of equity, efficiency, or both.

Learning from Open Source is Learning to Win – Cooperative Academic Writing on GitHub

Wir berichten über einen bei der Deutschen SchülerAkademie (Bildung & Begabung GmbH) durchgeführten Kurs zum Thema Schule und Demokratie, bei dem Teilnehmende im Alter von 16–18 Jahren auf der Entwicklerplattform GitHub zusammen schreiben und lernen. Konventionen und Werkzeuge aus der Open Source Softwareentwicklung ermöglichen es auch Studierenden der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften, kooperativ und in weiten Teilen selbstorganisiert an einem gemeinsamen Text zu arbeiten. Durch viele Revisionen, wechselseitige Rückmeldungen von Peers und Lehrenden stärken Studierende ihren schriftlichen Ausdruck im Sinne einer Deliberate Practice.