Founding our own web 2.0 start-up – Collaboran Systems GbR

Today, me and four friends and colleagues from Jacobs (and beyond) gathered in Berlin to found our own company, Collaboran Systems GbR. Collaboran is dedicated to the conceptualization and development of next-generation collaborative solutions based on internet technology. With a view to the potential of “Web 2.0”, Collaboran endeavors to facilitate content generation by users on an end-user computing platform.

After three years of somewhat IT-excessive collaboration at Jacobs University and excited about the recent innovations and activity subsumed under the buzzword Web 2.0, we decided we were going to give it a try and develop a web-based collaboration platform for people like us, tired of “track-changes” collaboration, endless e-mail conversations and the legacies of desktop computing.

Conceived in mind on February 20, 2007, when our attention at the birthday celebration of a mutual friend in Bremen diverted from our Mai Tais to internet business, Collaboran’s initial set-up and business idea was specified during spring 2007. After three out of the four partners graduated from Jacobs University Bremen on June 01, 2007, the team moved to Berlin in order to prepare Collaboran’s start-up phase. This is where we are now, enjoying the experience.

For more information on Collaboran, please visit our website at or contact us.