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Maximilian Held

researches, teaches and advocates (progressive) tax reform and (deliberative) democracy.

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I enjoy teaching tremendously – and for selfish reasons, too: I’ve noticed that I only really understood a subject (or someone else’s understanding of it) if I have taught a class on it.

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Teaching Posts

Give and Take -- Progressive Taxation & Deliberative Democracy

2014-03 A literature seminar at the University of Hamburg, Summer Semester 2014

The Grass, its Green, and the Other Side -- Comparative Social Sciences of Democracy, Welfare, Media, Administration, Political Culture and Economy

2014-02 A literature seminar in planning

Schools of Democracy -- Deliberative Democracy & Inclusive Pedagogy

2014-01 An (undergraduate) seminar with Verena Kasztantowicz at Deutsche SchuelerAkademie 2014-2 in Brunswick.

German Politics and Culture (2010-2014)

2013-12 An (undergraduate) seminar, held annually since 2010 at Jacobs University Bremen. Half area studies, half introductory social science seminar.

Equal Opportunity

2010-01 An (undergraduate) seminar with Anja Jungermann at Deutschen SchülerAkademie 2010-2 in Braunschweig, Germany.

E-Democracy -- Opportunity for Greater Participation?


Computer science, sociological, mathematical, political and statistic perspectives on the essential question how postindustrial, liberal democracy can organise unity in diversity in the modern world.

Statistics & Probability I (Section)

2007-10 A teaching assistant (TA) section for Paul Shirey at University of California, Irvine

Statistics I (Section)

2007-02 A teaching assistant (TA) section for Adalbert FX Wilhelm at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods (Section)

2006-09 A teaching assistant (TA) section for Adalbert FX Wilhelm at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany