I enjoy teaching tremendously — and for selfish reasons, too: I’ve noticed that I only really understood a subject (or someone else’s understanding of it) if I have taught a class on it. I like it:


Crossing disciplinary borders and venturing applications can deepen understanding, strengthen relevance and forge synthesis — but a rigorous foundation in a discipline always comes first.



Meaningful visualizations, vibrant virtual and real discussion and the occasional movie segment can make teaching more effective, accessible and fun — but in technology and format, as elsewhere, form follows function.

German Politics and Culture

In Writing (or Code)

An idea does not exist independent of its written expression. Intensive reading and writing are hard, ideally deliberate practice for both teacher and student — but for the social sciences, at least, there are only very poor substitutes.


In Service

Perhaps in the spirit of public sociology, student work can also engage and serve a wider audience of fellow citizens. Such purpose can focus attention and — as academics know — it's also motivating to write for actual readers.


Teaching Evaluations

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Teaching Experience

Schools of Democracy — Deliberative Democracy and Inclusive Pedagogy

An undergraduate seminar (in german) with Verena Kasztantowicz at Deutsche SchülerAkademie.

Give n' Take — Progressive Taxation and Deliberative Democracy

An undergraduate reading seminar at the University of Hamburg.

German Politics and Culture — Introduction to the Political System of the Federal Republic of Germany

An (undergraduate) seminar held annually as part of Jacobs University Bremen's Winter School and the Foundation Year Program. Half area studies, half introductory social science seminar.

LABOR – History of Ideas and Political Economy

An undergraduate seminar (in german) with Jonas Marx at Deutsche SchülerAkademie.

Equal Opportunity

An undergraduate seminar (in german) with Anja Jungermann at Deutsche SchülerAkademie.

E-Democracy — Opportunity for Greater Participation?

An undergraduate seminar (in german) with Matthias Bröcheler at Deutsche SchülerAkademie.

Statistics and Probability I (Section)

A TA section for Paul Shirey at the University of California, Irvine.

Statistics I

A TA section for Adalbert FX Wilhelm at Jacobs University Bremen.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods

A TA section for Adalbert FX Wilhelm at Jacobs University Bremen.