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Maximilian Held

researches, teaches and advocates (progressive) tax reform and (deliberative) democracy. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Github Stackoverflow


Taxation & Democracy

I am currently doing my PhD in the social sciences and writing my dissertation on (progressive) taxation and (deliberative) democracy.

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Loadings-based Factor-Retention Criteria and Some (New) Alternatives


Contents TL;DR Original Post (Precipitous Drops in) Communality (h2) Plot Residual Correlatio...

Retraction Watch on Förster


Value Structure and Dimensions (Peer-Reviewed Article)


Held M., Müller J., Deutsch F., Grzechnik E, Welzel C. (2009): Value Structure and Dimensions -- Evidence from the German World Values Survey. World Values Research 2(3).

Eurolektionen – European Schools of Democracy (Article)


De Ruffray, L., Ekkert, M., Held, M., Savin, M., & Zierow, L. (2010). Eurolektionen – Europa in der Schule. In Projekt Junges Europa 5. Berlin, Germany: Wehrhahn.

Doing without Structural Unemployment and/or Working Poverty (Article)


Held, M. (2010): Structural Unemployment and Working Poverty are Not Inevitable – Let’s Share the Burden of Economic Transformation. Schlossplatz3, (8)

In AfPak, Iraq and Elsewhere If You Break it, You Buy it (Assignment)


We haven’t learned nearly enough about this mayhem of a failed state and the chaos that even the well-intentioned regime changes or peacemaking bring.We haven’t learned nearly enough about the nightmares, that result all too often, when the high and mighty West comes to the rescue.

Low-Carbon Tech, an Infant Industry in Need of Protection (Assignment)


How to react to global warming? How do wean ourselves off that harmful oil -- and still prosper?

Multilateral Trade Dispute Settlement Helps Right over Might, Equity (Assignment)


Trade liberalization, like much in international governance, happens both through regional and multilateral integration. In political economy, there has been some debate over the merits and demerits of regional trade blocs, whether they constitute building blocs or stumbling stones for world trade.

Comparing Media Systems and Media Content (Peer-Reviewed Article)


Wessler, H., Skorek, M., Königslow, K. K., Held, M., Dobreva, M., & Adolphsen, M. (2008): Comparing Media Systems and Media Content -- Online Newspapers in Ten Eastern and Western European Countries. Journal of Global Mass Communication, 1(3/4).

First demographic exercise completed (Assignment)


I have today completed my first assignment in demographics, a mostly empirical exercise in explaining global patterns...

On Dijkstra’s three rules for scientific research … (Blog)


Bachelor thesis completed (Assignment)


Today, I have submitted my Bachelor Thesis, my final written work for my studies of Integrated Social Sciences at Jac...

Social inequality as dispersion of happiness? (Assignment)


Aside from overall welfare, equity, that is, the distribution of welfare amongst the population is a key concern of ...

Analysing the melodramatic narrative of Pearl Harbor (Assignment)


In this semester’s transdisciplinary University Studies Course (USC) on “War and Culture” war movies were among the m...

Democratize the globe, or globalize democracy? (Assignment)


Most will agree that the global political institutions are curiously underdeveloped in the face of ever increasing ec...

Questioning the merits of emancipation (Assignment)


More recent ventures in Human Development Theory have provided rich empirical support for the claim that processes of...

Attitude(s) change – or do they? (Assignment)


As a part of my curriculum I had the opportunity to make a transdisciplinary excursus to the Integrated Social and Co...

Electoral Engineering for Fiji (Assignment)


Electoral Engineering refers to the careful design of the electoral system, its incentives and formulae for represent...

World Values Surveys – value orientations & socio-economic status (Assignment)


It has been shown that beyond institutional and material conditions, mass beliefs can help explain differences in dem...

Developed a (random) election projection method (Assignment)


The first project of this semester’s transdisciplinary University Studies Course on “Mathematics and Democracy” was t...