Sociology 69 – the sociology of sexuality

Tonight, it was again time for my favorite class at UCI, the “Sociology of Sexuality”, a lower-division undergraduate class, I have decided to audit.

Instructor Dr. Kassia R. Wosick-Correa has made this course with the ambiguous course code a bit of a legend on campus. An really, she is an amazing entertainer – and teacher. Situating the class somewhere between an academic discussion of the topic and advanced sex education, I have the feeling that she is meeting a real need of students. Even in a 400-person lecture hall, she creates an atmosphere in which students feel comfortable to ask questions and discuss very intimate matters – and they do participate.

I am impressed by the fundamental openness and non-judgmental attitude with which she addresses even the most intricate of topics while at the same time challenging her students.

In short, this is a great class – and show, it just makes people laugh, feel good – and think. And me, too, I look forward to a three hours of “sexy six”-questions, porn star panelists, and open-minded, but never indifferent positions and discussions, every Thursday night.